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  • Foodwise gives you the benefits of seeing a nutritionist, without actually having to see one.

    Foodwise online nutritional consultations will help you resolve specific health issues of all kinds.

    Take a personalised, targeted program and discover what you can eat more of, what you should cut down on (or avoid altogether) and equip yourself with the tools and the delicious recipes you need to overcome your challenges and establish a lifelong healthy lifestyle.   Discover how it works

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Great value for money

Foodwise gives you same nutrition advice as a private consultant for a fraction of the price. It can cost between £70 and £150 to see a nutritionist.

100% confidential

This is the most discreet way of understanding how your current diet may be affecting you. Your personal details are 100% secure and never shared.

Very convenient

You can have a personalised consultation from the comfort of your chair (or wherever you are able to log on to the internet.)

Nutrition made simple

We cut through the often conflicting and confusing advice to offer you an easy, step-by-step route to the healthy way to improving your wellbeing.

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Digestive Health

A natural approach to digestion to quickly improve a wide range of digestive issues through simple changes to your diet 


Detoxing shouldn't just be a New Year's resolution. Help your body rid itself of toxins and restore your energy and vitality

Skin Health

Resolving skin problems is simple. Skin quality is directly influenced by diet and lifestyle factors within your control

Energy & Mood

Overcome fatigue, disturbed sleep and anxiety. Sleeping more isn't the answer. Taking a closer look at your diet and lifestyle is.

Weight Loss

The Foodwise weight program focuses on de-bunking diet myths so that weight comes off the right way ...and stays off.

Immune Boost

Enhancing your immune system can reduce your susceptibility to disease and support your body's natural abilty to heal and recover from illness

Inflammatory & Immune

Focus on the root causes of inflammation and control it naturally to reduce the dibilitating effects of chronic inflammation and immune disorders

Allergies and Intolerances

Discover the differences between food intolerances and allergies and how to deal with them effectively by making the right food choices.

Headaches, Sleep and Fatigue

Banish headaches, improve your quality of sleep and increase your energy levels all by making simple changes to your diet and lifestyle

Heart and Circulation

Do you have a heart or circulatory disorder? Manage it naturally through healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices. Coming soon

(Coming Soon)

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Competing the detailed and informative questionnaire made me aware of the essential nutrients I was missing and how they were directly related to my health problems. Foodwise was the expert nutritional advice I was looking for!
Colette Kent
I thought I ate a balanced diet. However, I was experiencing sleeping problems, had no energy, my thinking felt muddled and I was frequently constipated. These symptoms left me frustrated and depressed. Foodwise helped me understand where I was going wrong and showed me exactly what to do. I now feel better than I have in years - people say I look younger too!
Shelley Dobyns
Despite considering myself fit and extremely active, I couldn’t seem to shift the extra pounds I’d been carrying for a few years. Thanks to Foodwise I finally got results - just by tweaking a few things in my diet and taking the proper supplements
Danny Marchant
Stress was having a really negative effect on my life and sleeping habits. I had no idea the situation could be managed just by eating certain foods and avoiding others.
Tom Bradlow
I suspected that food intolerances might be the reason I felt bloated most of the time, but didn’t know how to identify the culprits. Foodwise showed me where to begin and helped me resolve my digestive issues - I’m no longer afraid to eat!
Moya Story
My face was covered in acne and I was desperate to improve my skin condition and recover my self-confidence. My doctor prescribed antibiotics, but I wanted to get to the root of the problem and kept forgetting to take them. Foodwise helped me resolve the issue naturally.
Anthony Stone
I’d always had dry skin, but decided to explore the nutritional side of things when I realized the expensive creams weren’t working and I was beginning to look older than I really was. The solution was so easy, I only wish I had found out sooner!
Giselle Finch
There are so many quick-fix detox plans out there – I wanted a set of guidelines for clean living that would support my body’s natural resources and make sure I was living up to my peak potential on a daily basis. Foodwise gives you answers you can trust and puts you in charge.
Adele Simpson
It didn’t seem right that we were running to the doctor several times a year with various colds and infections. I wanted to see if a more natural, diet-based approach could help strengthen my family’s susceptibility to illness. Foodwise has shown me that it does!
Carole Lumley

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