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Digestive Health

Everyone experiences occasional indigestion. But if bloating, gas, abdominal discomfort, nausea and constipation are a regular occurrence it could signal the existence of an underlying disorder such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), an imbalance in intestinal flora, low stomach acid or gallbladder disorders. These and any other issues need to be addressed before you can recover optimal digestive health.

It’s simple

Bloating, abdominal discomfort and other unpleasant symptoms need not be an inevitable consequence of eating. Taking a closer look at your diet can help you get rid of chronic digestive issues. The solution is easier than you think. Your Foodwise digestive issues program will help you learn how to:

  1. Identify the foods that may be triggering your digestive distress. These are easy to avoid and replace, once you know what they are.digestive health program
  2. Gradually add healthy foods to your diet in a way that won’t upset your digestion and will actually soothe and heal your digestive tract.

You’re about to make a commitment to your health for life. It also happens to be the most natural way to flatten your stomach and banish the belly bulge for good.

It’s scientific

This program will help you understand what happens inside your body when you make various food choices and the reasons behind the solutions. Digestive disorders are bothersome but also, common. Treating them usually involves avoiding offending foods and identifying non-obvious contributing factors. This program is based on the latest nutritional science and the facts about how your body processes food.

Quick Results 

By sticking to the program, you should see and feel results within a couple of weeks. Once your digestion has improved you can relax a little and allow yourself the occasional transgression. If symptoms return just follow the original plan to get on track again. The Foodwise digestive program is practical, simple and habit-forming! It’s not about denying yourself your favourite foods or going without. It’s about understanding the effect certain foods have on your body and putting you back in charge so you can conquer your digestive issues once and for all.

What You Get:

  • One-off Fee (no subscription)
  • Comprehensive assessment of your current diet
  • Advice for a new diet to improve your digestive function
  • Habits to make - Habits to break
  • 10 Wise Rules (at a glance)
  • Supplement and Superfood recommendations
  • Personalised Meal Plan - tailored for digestive health

Take the foodwise Digestive Health nutritional program and discover what is wrong with your current diet and the straightforward changes you can make to your eating habits and lifestyle to overcome your digestive issues and improve your general health and wellbeing

  • The usual treatment for indigestion is the use of over the counter preparations like antacids and histamine H2-receptor antagonists – drugs that lower stomach acid and the digestive enzymes that digest protein. Regular use can interfere with proper protein digestion, mineral absorption and promote bacterial overgrowth – making digestive problems worse. 

  • Similarly, laxatives used for constipation can actually encourage bloating.

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