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Immune Boost

Enhancing your immune system can reduce your susceptibility to disease and support your body's natural abilty to heal and recover from illness

How strong is your immune system?


The Immune Boost Plan

Supporting and enhancing your immune system is perhaps the most important step in achieving resistance to disease and reducing your susceptibility to colds, flus, even cancer. Recurrent or chronic infections, even mild colds, only occur when your immune system is weakened.

Healthy eating habits can help keep your immune system in peak condition and stay free from illness.

It’s Simple

Modern medicine often overlooks the importance of susceptibility and tends to reactively combat disease through drugs, surgery, radiation and other invasive therapies. But you can only attain real health by maintaining a healthy, properly functioning immune system. It’s your immune system that fights off disease-causing pathogens, instigates the healing process and even determines how fast you age. 

Your Immune Boost program will help you:

  1. Learn to recognise common signs of impaired immunity. Early warnings that something may be amiss include fatigue, regular cold and infections, slow wound healing and indigestion.
  2. Take care of your immune system properly. This means making sure you are getting all the right nutrients to keep it working well, while avoiding the things that tend to depress its function. 

You’re about to make a commitment to your health for life. It happens to be the best way to naturally strengthen your immune system, restore balance and protect you from illness. 

It’s Scientific 

Your FOODWISE report will help you understand what happens inside your body when you make various food choices and the reasons behind the solutions.  

A strong immune system is necessary to protect you from the outside world and also for detecting and clearing away cells that have begun behaving abnormally – like cancer cells. This plan is based on the latest nutritional science and the facts about how your immune system works. 

By sticking to the plan, you should notice positive results within few weeks. Once your immune health is restored you can relax a little. Occasional lapses are okay as long as you ensure you keep your defenses strong by remembering to the return to the original plan.

It Works

The Foodwise Immune Boost plan is practical, simple and totally addictive! It’s not about strange, restrictive diets, or juicing several times a day. It’s about understanding the effect certain foods have on your body so your immune system works at peak levels and you stay free from disease.

What You Get:

  • One-off Fee (no subscription)
  • Comprehensive assessment of your diet
  • Advice for a new diet to achieve your objective
  • Habits to make - Habits to break
  • 10 Wise Rules (at a glance)
  • Supplement and Superfood recommendations
  • Personalised Meal Plan - tailored for Immune Boost and optimal health

Take the foodwise Immune Boost nutritional program and discover what is wrong with your current diet and the straightforward changes you can make to your eating habits and lifestyle to strengthen your immune system and improve your general health and wellbeing

  • Eating more fruit and veg really does help your immune system. The nutrients help your immune system fight viruses and bacteria.

  • Getting enough sleep is important to keep your immune system in shape. Lack of sleep over the long-term also increases your risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart and cardiovascular disease. 7-8 hours for adults is usually enough.

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