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How to be Foodwise



Meet Foodwise - your very own personal nutrition guide



Foodwise is here to accompany you on your journey to a new relationship with food. Choose the program that matches your condition, health challenges or objectives

Our programs demystify the role of nutritionist, while providing a detailed analysis of your eating habits and a remedial action plan in an engaging online experience

1. Browse our nutrition programs

See all our nutrition programs to decide which would best suit your needs or lifestyle. They are designed to help you either deal with a specific health condition, or are geared towards a lifestyle goal such as weight loss or detox & optimum health.

... or use the program finder tool

Just identify the health condition that you are trying to manage or overcome, or your wellbeing objective (like weight loss or detox), then find out why a nutrition program works.

Whichever one you choose, you can rest assured you will be making a first positive step to a better, sustainable diet and a healthier way of living.

Browse our nutrition programs

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2. Pay for one program for yourself

or buy three to share with friends

There are programs to suit everyone, and you only have to pay for the one you really need.

It costs a fraction of the price of a face-to-face consultation, it's completely confidential, you can complete it in your own time, and you don't have to book an appointment.

Your results are available immediately - so you can start changing your life... immediately!

3. Learn as you go assessment

Fill in all the details of your day to day eating habits in the easy to complete questionnaire.

As you go through each topic, listing your current diet, learn interesting facts and figures about each food type. A better understanding of why certain foods affect you in different ways makes it easier to change old habits for healthy new ones.

Find the right plan for you

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4. Your Comprehensive Nutrition Report

Learn which foods to avoid, and which to enjoy

Your bespoke report details the changes you should make to manage your condition or achieve your health objective. Covering every food group, you will find out which foods you should cut down on or cut out entirely, and which foods to focus on to improve your health and wellbeing.

You will also receive a list of supplements to complement your plan. Access your report online whenever you want or download it and print a paper copy for day to day reference

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5. Complete Personalised Meal Plan

Discover the delicious way to get healthy

And perhaps the most important part of your program - your personalised meal plan. A selection of recommended meals, snacks and drinks, with delicious recipes and tips to choose from - because a healthier diet should be a pleasure, not a chore

which program is right for me?

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