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Detoxing shouldn't just be a New Year's resolution. The detox plan is a great way to start making a commitment to your health for life.


Do I need to Detox?

Year long exposure to toxins from pollution, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, artificial colours and flavourings, as well as additional substances such as caffeine, tobacco, medications, and recreational drugs can leave you with little energy left over to face life’s challenges – and also make you more vulnerable to disease.

That’s why it makes good sense to ‘CLEAN OUT’ from time to time. Even those who have a super clean diet and lifestyle benefit greatly from detoxing once in a while because of modern day stressors and toxins we cannot always control. So no matter what might be your current lifestyle, health level, diet or energy level, regular detoxification can be a very special gift to reward yourself.

Your body is a temple (or like a car)

When a car is full of carbon, it has no pep. You can put in premium gas and oil but the speed is not there. The logical step is to take the car to a mechanic and have the carbon that is clogging the engine cleaned out. Afterwards, the car seems like new, everything works smoothly, is more efficient and there is plenty of power when you put your foot down.why foodwise ideas

Your body is like a car, when your cells are clogged with acid, sugar and mucus you have no pep, you don’t sleep well, your complexion is bad, eyes are dull, you suffer from aches and pains, are perhaps nervous and irritable and you will have difficulty losing weight. Everything feels slow and ‘just not right’. The logical step is to have a CLEAN OUT, not just your digestive system, but also at cellular level and for your entire body.

What is a Detox Program?

Your Foodwise detox plan focuses on these 5 things

  • Proper Planning
  • Removing dietary toxins
  • Detox support with meal plan and recipes
  • Transitioning
  • Maintenance

The purpose of the Foodwise detox plan is to allow your major organs of elimination (your liver, colon, kidneys and skin), to effectively remove any toxins and waste matter that have accumulated in your fat tissue. The goal is to give your organs a holiday from the bombardment of toxins that come from the foods and drinks we consume, so that your body can deal more effectively with daily exposure to them and strengthen your natural detoxification processes long term


What You Get:

  • One-off Fee (no subscription)
  • Comprehensive assessment of your diet
  • Advice for a new diet to detox - for short term and longer term strategies
  • Habits to make - Habits to break get more insight in to the long term habits which you may not have been aware of
  • Wise Rules (at a glance)
  • Supplement and Superfood recommendations
  • Personalised Meal Plan - tailored for your Detox including snacks and drinks to get you started 

Take the foodwise Detox nutritional program and discover what is wrong with your current diet and the straightforward changes you can make to your eating habits and lifestyle to successfully detox and improve your general health and wellbeing

  • Your Liver

    The liver is a multi skilled organ that plays a vital role in several of your bodily systems. It’s a major player in your detox process.

    It regulates your blood and acts like a bouncer, blocking and kicking out the trouble makers!

  • Why Nutritional Therapy?

    Nutritional therapy takes a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing. 

    The Foodwise Detox consultation will help you purge your cells of potentially harmful toxins. 

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