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Hemp’s the best!

Why use protein powder?

Everyone’s got a reason to use protein powder these days. Added to smoothies, shakes, juices and even soups, it’s an easy and convenient way to increase our intake of complete protein, which is useful for weight management, fitness training and muscle building, as well as for meal and snack replacements.

But they’re not all the same

When it comes to protein powders we have choices – and that can be confusing. So here are the simple facts:


Most commercial protein powders are made from highly processed whey, casein or soy – creating a product that is unlike anything found in nature and very different from protein derived from whole foods. To make matters worse, this denatured or ‘unnatural’ protein has been isolated from the co-factor nutrients that help us break down protein and support our immune system, so our body has difficulty recognizing and using it properly.

Toxic additives

In addition, one only has to check the labels to see that these powders are often full of toxic substances like aspartame, saccharin, MSG (mono-sodium glutamate) and food colourings – to name a few. All things that should make us wonder if it’s worth spending all that money for something that might ultimately be harming our health.

Possible nutrient deficiencies too

Another potential problem that comes from separating the protein portion from the rest of the food source is that these isolates are stripped of the fats we need to help us absorb important nutrients. This means that unless we take pains to add these back into our diet - say by blending the protein powder into a wholesome smoothie made from real foods - we can wind up with deficiencies in calcium and vitamins D and A. Mother Nature intended us to consume foods as close to their natural state as possible. That’s the reason whole foods are better for us - they contain the perfect blend of nutrients we need for optimum health.

A healthier alternative

But there’s no need to give up on the convenience and health benefits of protein powder. You might have heard of hemp as a protein source, but might not know how to use it. Derived from the plant Sativa Cannabis (but devoid of psychoactive properties), hemp one of the most complete plant protein sources available and is a pure, natural, healthy, whole food alternative to processed protein powders.

Hemp has it all

Hemp contains all 8 essential amino acids needed to build protein, plus is an excellent source of perfectly balanced Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids essential for mood, immunity and the absorption of nutrients. We can’t make these vital fats ourselves – we need to get them from our diet every single day. Hemp protein also contains plenty of fibre to sustain energy levels and keep us feeling fuller longer, it’s easy to digest, doesn’t contribute to bloating or gas and is seldom allergenic (unlike dairy and soy derived protein). Plus it tastes great.

Hope this makes the choice easier!

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