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Keep calm and detox

Your body and times of change.

Our bodies need to respond and adapt to changes in the environment - whether that's the weather, periods of stress or changes in the geo-political landscape!
Environmental toxins are found not only in the food we eat, the air we breath and the water we drink - but also in mood, including the mood of the country. 

Some space to breathe 

The ongoing turbulence in the UK and the shockwaves it is sending across Europe and the rest of world are very unsettling for even the most apolitical among us. 

As the UK political establishment takes a good look at itself, and is set for a clean out following the recent referendum, it might be a good time for us all to do the same.

it's worth stepping out of the madness to discover a way through it.

Lessons from the ancients

We can learn a lot from martial arts. Tai Chi Ch’uan for example, is about developing the ability to change in response to external forces, making appropriate and proportionate changes in response to a threat. Remaining calm and balanced is paramount - as soon as you become ruffled, and blow your cool - your opponent has the advantage.
The practice of T'ai chi teaches us figurative parallels in life  - Governments could learn a lot from it. Keep cool, stay grounded, don't panic.

At times like this, it's really important to keep calm and reflect before making rash decisions. And to keep calm, we need to remove as many environmental toxins as possible

As well as taking time out from the media and finding some quiet time and space, we highly recommend a detox to help expel toxins and prepare for the challenging times ahead.

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