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Mushrooms galore!

There are a staggering amount of different kinds of mushrooms in the world – 14,000 to be precise (3,000 of which are edible) and now’s a great time to enjoy them .

Not just for taste and texture
Aside from adding delicious texture to our meals, mushrooms are also highly nutritious. The more exotic ones like shiitake, reishi and maitake have long been recognized and consumed for their immune enhancing and anti-cancer qualities, but even white button mushrooms – those commonly found at the grocery store - contain a surprising amount of important nutrients. Here are a few reasons that might convince you to eat more of them:

  • Loaded with nutrients such as B vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc.
  • Wild mushrooms – those naturally exposed to sunlight generate vitamin D, which is vital for healthy bones (helps us absorb calcium) and for protecting our immune system.
  • Excellent source of selenium – an super antioxidant that together with vitamin E helps guard our cells from the damaging and aging effects of free radicals.
  • They contain protein and fibre which helps keep our blood sugar levels balanced and our metabolism running efficiently.

A little goes a long way
All you need it one small serving to benefit from all this goodness. That means that mushrooms are a very effective (and tasty) way to make sure you’re getting many of the important nutrients you might otherwise be lacking this season.


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